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I love games that are more abstract… I wish I had know about Kometen sooner.

It is so sweet and so relaxing. I’ve even played it before bed then fallen asleep all night with the music still on…and usually i can’t sleep through music. So that is one vote of confidence from an insomniac…

This photo actually makes me tear up.

Ooooh pretty Kometen concept art…

 Budi Satria Kwan, Starfield

(via - Work : riccardo guasco)
Middle Eastern Mosque architecture is SO intricate and fascinating.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night

God, it’s like frosting, i want to lick it. I swear it makes my eyes orgasm to see his brush strokes up close like this.

Messy head

My first litho plate done. Edition printed, sleep regained, sanity recovered.
While I might not use this process again…look for similar content in future pieces — I’ve been sitting on this stuff for years and it is such a pleasure to finally get it out!

My friend Jenn’s work…really cool!

Tony Demuro. Tree.
Work in progress // Starlette Constellation Wreath by giant dwarf on flickr
This seems like a horror movie clip or like it could be from a music video…does anyone know what this is from?

Moebius’ famous Starwatcher piece. Brandon Graham has chosen this to be the subject of the new cover meme, and it’s already taken off. So please, if you want to take part, start now. Don’t forget to give any credit that you want seen here, as well as your website, flickr account, or whatever else you’d like for people see more of your work.
Galactic lily by masahiro miyasaka