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Velma (Gina B)

Yes more Velma…YES, YESSSSSS



Shire Candy Shop

This outfit wasn’t exactly inspired by hobbits (probably a bit by candy, though arguably a lot of my outfits are), but I do love hobbits (and gnomes!) and this made me think of what a hobbit might wear if they started a candy shop in the Shire.

  • Shirt: Torrid
  • Oversized cardigan: Thrifted
  • Green skirt: handmade by me
  • Fuchsia skirt: Thrifted
  • Red Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams
  • Purple Stripey socks: Sock Dreams
  • Boots: REI
  • Lipstick: Certainly Red by Revlon

Cute as cute can be!


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Girl, this outfit is SOOOOO KYEWT!!!


untitled by Chrissie White on Flickr.

omfg unf.

5’7”   38-27-44.   170lbs.     This is a great site! I am 30 and always struggling with my weight. Especially since I’m a special fx artist & body painter and work with teeny tiny models all the time. It took a lot of zombie makeup to get me in a bikini and shorts, lol. I am learning to love my booty, because its not going anywhere! But I am proud of my curves and my artistic abilities!

You are beautifully proportioned and have those GORGEOUS, STRONG biker lady legs, that is so hot! LOVE the makeup too!!!

via The Militant Baker

Energy Rising
Donna Piccininni Photography
Gorgeous photo! And i used to do this as a kid. Still do sometimes. :3

My mate is out there somewhere. Here’s to us finding each other in this lifetime, and sooner than later. In the meantime, here’s me enjoying my own body.

summer is coming
(Source: Flickr / lazerrubberband)