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Part 1 of my landscape diptych! More to come soon-ish.

‘Chasing After Her’ - Collage on Canvas 2013Hoop on FBBuy Prints

(by Jaana-Marja)

Robert Vickery (1926-2011)
untitled by oso_polar on Flickr.
Wil Aren Cowgirl Buckle & Tooled Leather Western Belt by JoulesVintage on Flickr.Having dress and belt envy ovah heeyah…

Kurt Arrigo is a self-taught photographer from Malta. He has 20 years experience and has published two coffee table books, Malta: A Coastal Journey and Grand Harbour Malta. His work has also been featured in a number of major international magazines. In 1995, he was awarded third place in the Underwater World Championships of Photography and two years later was included in the Communications Arts Photography Annual.
Story behind:
My excitement mounted as I prepared my diving equipment and assembled my Nikon with its underwater housing. About a week before, I had been driving by the coast near where I live and I spotted horses swimming in the waves. Apparently, this is a special exercise for these race horses. Intrigued by the thought of a new challenge, I spoke to one of the trainers and arranged an appointment so I could take some pictures.
By the time I got to the beach, it was almost 4pm and the sun was getting lower in the sky – perfect for pictures I had in mind. I waited patiently on the shore until the trainer, who actually swims with the horses, was ready to cover all the details with me. He had a few concerns about stressing the horse, so we discussed safety precautions and I explained exactly what I intended to do.
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30 Day Monster Girl Challenge - Day 2 Centaur
fuggghh i give up with this one I gotta finish the other two!! uvu gotta catch uppp


Horse training for the militia, Mongolia, 1979, by Eve Arnold (1912-2012)

 SPANISH ANDALUSIAN - by requestBeautiful shot of UFO, an Andalusian StallionEquus ferus caballus© Wojtek Kwiatkowski
The Andulusian is the noblest  horse in the world, the most beautiful that can be. He is of great  spirit and of great courage and docile; hath the proudest trot and the  best action in his trot, the loftiest gallop, and is the lovingest and  gentlest horse, and fittest of all for a king in his day of triumph.  —William Cavendish, the Duke of Newcastle, 1667
Facts:Throughout its history, the Andalusian has been known for its prowess as a war horse,  and was prized by the nobility. 
The breed was used as a tool of  diplomacy by the Spanish government, and kings across Europe rode and  owned Spanish horses.
Plain Horse Facts: Horses can sleep standing  up. This is so that in the wild, if they were  woken up by a predator  they would be able to get away quicker. 
You might  sometimes see one horse asleep in the field whilst the  others are  eating. This is because that horse guards’ the herd during  the night, so  sleeps during the day and eats at night.
The oldest horse on record died at age 48
Horses and ponies are measured in hands. A hand is the length of  an  average adult’s palm, or four inches. The height is written as a  number  followed by the letters ‘hh’.
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centaurbosslady by *zambi