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Gary Mewman

aw shit!

The shows written about below are already over, but the stuff about the new album still applies. New Holy Tentacles album, woo, WOOOOO!!!


we totally forgot to post on here! let’s catch ya up:

we finished printing the album

and we got a pretty nice writeup in Willamette Week!

…and we got a couple shows coming up! this is our next one:

and we’ll be releasing our first beer! brewed by Jon & Nicholas!

…so come out and see us! or if you live far away, please download our album on Bandcamp!





I really wanna know what this sounds like…

It will sound as beautiful as it looks.

I’m curious/scared about how awesome/bad this could possibly be.

“my lips are for blowing” bahahaha

Is this real?!?!  Real or fake, i still love it…i just hope it was obscene unintentionally which would make it 10X more AWESOME.
Album art made by ME with some computer help by my boyfriend Ben.  This is for Ben’s band the Mercury Tree's upcoming album, Pterodactyls.
This is ALMOST finished but i am working on some pterodactyls to add as another layer to the cover art.  Just a few more days, hopefully.